Marine Electrical Conduit

marine electrical split conduit

SERIES 125 Electrical Conduit

A flexible, split-wire conduit designed to provide chafing protection and aesthetic appearance for multi-wire harness and cable routing.  Made from a blend of low-density polyethylene resins, it is abrasion and chemical resistant and flame retardant.  Split lengthwise for simple installation.  Also available in high-temperature Nylon.

Sizes: 1/4” I.D. – 2” I.D.
Temperature: -40° to 200°F
Description: Black or White Split Tubing
Packaging: Bulk Coils, 50’ and 100’ Punch-Out Cartons, Custom Cut Lengths

electrical conduit

SERIES 129 Sternflex Hose
High-quality, crush-resistant hose designed as a conduit for containing wires, control cables and hoses between transom and outboard engines.  The extremely flexible material is resistant to bilge acids, fuel solutions and UV rays.  It can also be used for sink and shower drains.  Available in gray, black or white.

Sizes: 1 ½” – 2” I.D.
Temperature: -40° to 140°F
Description: Gray, Black or White Tubing
Packaging: Bulk Coils, 50’ Punch-Out Cartons, Custom Cut Lengths