Gasket Material Selection

Gaskets make the best seal using the thinnest material available for an application.  Given the flange face is smooth and without defects, the thin material will seal best and handle a higher internal pressure of the media being conveyed by the pipe.  Thicker materials are utilized when there is some deformity in the flange face.  The material will flow into the deformities.

H.S. White offers many types of gasket materials for your use.  Please consult with our experienced sales representatives to ensure the best material for your application.  We carry a large range of sheet rubber in rolls and slabs; non-asbestos; Grafoil, Teflon and other non-metallic fiber sheets in various thicknesses and durometers (hardness).

We also distribute metallic gaskets including Spiral-wound, Ring Joint and Kammprofile.

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