Dura-Perm Expansion Joints

duraperm combined technology expansion joint

Dura-Perm Expansion Joints combine the best features of PTFE/FEP with the best features of elastomeric expansion joints. PTFE available in 1” through 12” and FEP available in 14” through 96” I.D. standard face-to-face dimensions, or special lengths. Available in multiple arch configurations, or as straight pipe (see flexible pipe section). Flanges are available as raised-face dimensional flares or full-face.

Benefits of Utilizing Dura-Perm Expansion Joints

  • They are recommended for use in the chemical and pulp paper industries because of their capabilities to resist corrosive attack, high temperatures and pressures.
  • Chemical resistance/anti-stick properties
  • Noise and vibration dampening/high flexibility
  • Thermal stability/resistance to age cracking
  • High pressure rating/temperature rating of up to 400 degrees F available

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Duraperm Expansion Joint Dimensions