PSA Application Guidelines

In order to achieve optimum performance and shelf-life from PSA-backed materials, industry standards have been developed for the proper preparation, application and storage:

The surface that PSA is to be applied to should be free of dust, mold releases, dirt, oil, moisture or other contaminants in order to assure optimum bond strength. Select a cleaning agent that does not leave a residue such as isopropyl alcohol.

Backing paper must be removed with care. Select a corner area and make sure that you DO NOT grab the adhesive layer, just the backing paper. Then, carefully pull the backing paper off of the adhesive.

No matter how well PSA has been applied to a material, failure to use caution in removing the backing paper can result in the PSA peeling off right along with the backing paper.

Once the surface has been properly prepared, the PSA-backed material and the surface to which it is to be applied should both be at a temperature above 72 degrees Fahrenheit before proceeding with application.

PSA-backed material should be stored in a cool dry area at a temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the uniformity and performance of the product. H.S. White accepts no responsibility for the performance of adhesives that have not been properly stored and/or have been stored by the customer for longer than six (6) months beyond ship date.