Compressed Non-Asbestos Sheet Material Comparison

Compare the specs and find the right product at the right price point for your application.

UIP Compressed non-asbestos sheet

UIP Sheet Type 102

Tensile: 1600 psi
Temperature: -100° to 800° F (700° F Max Continuous)
Binder: NBR
Color: Light Green

UIP Type 102 Sheet is an economical, general-service grade compressed non-asbestos gasket sheet material.   It’s made with NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) binder and used for mild service in piping and equipment with applications in steam, hydrocarbons and refrigerants.  It offers good chemical resistance for moderate service conditions and is suitable for oil, water, mild alkalis, mild acids, hydrocarbons and solvents.

New Improved Anti-aging agent offers extended shelf-life and increases flexibility and sealing performance!

Klingersil® C-4401

Tensile: 2000 psi
Temperature: -100° to 750° F (500° F Max Continuous)
Binder: NBR
Color: Light Green

Thermoseal Branded C-4401 is a high quality general service sheet, manufactured with synthetic fibers and an NBR binder.
Gaskets made from C-4401 are recommended for use in sealing against oils, solvents, fuels, non-aggressive solutions, and
service conditions up to 750° F.

klingersil compressed non-asbestos gaskets
texcel seal 6010

Texcel®  Seal 6010

Tensile: 1400 psi
Temperature: -58° to 356° F
Binder: NBR
Color: Light Green

SEAL GREEN 6010 meet and exceed industry standards for general purpose compressed sheet. Excellent gasket material with good chemical resistance. Known for its good dynamic resistance and outstanding sealability. Recommended for applications with oils, gasoline, mild chemicals, water and other fluids.

Green Sheet Material Comparison Chart

Green Sheet Gasket Material Comparison