Viton® is commonly called Fluoro-elastomer/Viton (FPM) and is well known for its excellent (400°F/200°C) heat resistance.

Viton® is perfect for gasket cutting, flat seals, door seals and industrial applications. This is a high tech elastomer designed for extreme heat, oil and chemical resistance. Viton® resists aliphalactic aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbons, concentrated acids, alkalis, animal and vegetable oils.

Viton® offers excellent resistance to aggressive fuels and chemicals and has excellent mechanical properties. This material is also resistant to abrasion and cuts. With a broad spectrum of applications in the automotive, chemical processing and industrial markets, Viton® satisfies many performance specifications. Suitable applications for Viton® include:

  • High temperature gaskets
  • O-rings
  • Lathe cut gaskets and seals

Viton® Restrictions:

Viton® is not generally resistant to ketones, low molecular weight esters (such as ethyl acetate), or nitro containing compounds. Products are not usually serviceable below 15°F.

Viton® Specifications:

Downloadable Technical Data Sheet
Temperature Limit: 350°F constant, 400°F intermittent Finish: Matte, Press Cured
Durometer Hardness: 72 Shore A Pressure Limit: 800 lbs. @ 400°F
Elongation: 286% Tensile Strength: 1285 PSI
Specific Gravity: 1.88    

Viton® is a registered trademark

Viton®B 68% Flourine-Better Chemical Resistance

Acid Resistant Viton®
Viton®B has better resistance and retains flexibility better after dry heat aging than Viton®A. It is recommended for applications requiring maximum retention of elastic properties combined with good mechanical properties. Viton®B is specified by the FSA to resist sulfur dioxide in power generating factory systems.

Chemical Resistance
Viton®B offers superior resistance to both diluted and concentrated aggressive acids. Thermodyn’s exclusive B compound TH-66070-B* made of Viton®B is resistant to various mineral.

Downloadable Technical Data Sheet
Tensile: 1400 PSI Elongation: 175 MIN
Temperature: -18°C to 220°C (450°F)    
  Hardness Durometer ASTM D1414, IRHD:75±5  
  Compression Set ASTM D395B plied: 30% maximum Discs. 22hr. @ 220°C  
  Fluid Resistance ASTM D471 immersed: 20%maximum volume swell in Toluene at 20°C (68°F) for 70 hours


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