Virgin PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) Sheet and Film Style 8765

Manufactured from PTFE, this sheet is ideal for a wide range of gasketing applications. Food and chemical applications are often sealed using PTFE. PTFE resin sheets are available in both Virgin, Mechanical and Expanded (EPTFE) grades.

PTFE is resistant to acids, alkalais, solvents or corrosives. Extremely low coefficient of friction, thus eliminating any stick/slip effect. Extremely anti-adhesive.

Downloadable Technical Data Sheet
Tensile 2800    
Elongation: 270    
  Property Units Typical Values1
  Specific Gravity g/cc 2.14-2.20
  Hardness Shore D 52-65
  Deformation Under Load (73°F., 2000 psi, 24 hours) % 15-16
  Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (73°F to 400°F) in./in./°F 4-9 x 10-5
  Thermal Conductivity BTU/hr./ 1.7
  Volume Resistivity ohn-cm >1015
  Dielectric Strength volts/mil 300 min.

1 The measured values expressed in ranges reflect measurements made both with and across the molding direction of the product.

WARNING: Properties shown on this document are typical. Your specific application should not be undertaken without independent study and evaluation for suitability. For specific application recommendations, consult H.S.White. While the utmost care has been used in compiling this document, we assume no responsibility for errors. This edition cancels all previous issues. Subject to change without notice.


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