STAMPED is intended to assist in determining the correct hose, coupling and attachment method that will best meet your needs. STAMPED is an acronym and stands for the seven major information areas required to provide a quality hose assembly for the customer, as follows:

Size; I.D., O.D. and length

Temperature; of the material conveyed and environmental

Application; the conditions of use

Material; being conveyed, type and concentration

Pressure; to which the assembly will be exposed

nds; style, type, orientation, attachment methods, etc.

Delivery; testing, quality, packaging, and delivery requirements

The special considerations below may help to clarify application parameters:

Abrasion Fluid Velocity Salt Water
Electrical Conductivity Movement (type, distance, frequency) Static Electricity
Environment Ozone Ultraviolet Light
Flammability Permeation (vapor conveying hose) Vibration (frequency rate- Hz amplitude "G" load)
Flow Rate Routing  


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