Pump Connectors

Flexible Pump Connectors

We offer a complete line of annular metal hose in many different sizes, alloys and configurations. Our Matchless metal hose is ideal for absorbing vibration, misalignment, piping expansion or contraction and equipment motion. Braiding enables use at high pressures and also attenuates vibration. Each annular corrugation is a separate element engineered to impart optimal flexibility for each size of hose that we offer.

Please contact the factory for other hose alloys that may be required for special service applications. If a hose application requires a less flexible product H.S. White can supply it in an open pitch configuration.

Our flexible pump connectors are manufactured with a 321SS Corrugated Hose, and a 304SS braid. Standard constructions are available in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Male NPT fittings, as well as Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel #150 flanges. Flanges supplied are flat face. Other configurations, metals and sizes are available. We have the flexibility to customize any ends or hose combinations to your specified requirements. Please contact us for questions regarding pricing and availability.

We maintain a large inventory at all times available for immediate shipping.


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