Electrical Hose

Series 125 Electrical Conduit

A split wire conduit designed to provide chafing protection and quality appearance for multi-wire harness or cable routing. Also available in High Temperature Nylon.

Size: 1/4" I'D. thru 2" I.D.
Description: Black
Packaging: Bulk cartons, 50 & 100 ft. P/O cartons

Series 127 Sternflex Hose

Sternflex hoses are primarily designed as a conduit hose for containing wires, control cables, and hoses between transom and outboard motor/sea drives when using a stern bracket. It can also be used for vanity sink and shower drains and is ideal for above water line scuppers.

Size: 1-1/2" I.D. thru 2" I.D.
Description: Gray, black & white
Packaging: 50 ft. lengths.
Series 125 Series 127


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