Butyl rubber is a very good general purpose rubber for many applications. The chemical resistance of Butyl rubber is good. The rubber holds up well in most industrial applications.

The most unique characteristic of Butyl rubber is that it’s permeability to air is 70% better than that of most other rubber materials. For this reason, the industry uses it for tire tubes and tubeless tire inner liners.

Utilizing Butyl rubber as a substitute for a cheap neoprene is common in marine environments. Butyl rubber is also sometimes referred to as SBR rubber or isoprene rubber.

Excellent impermeability to gases; outstanding dielectric properties; good resistance to tearing; good aging properties at elevated temperatures; good chemical stability; resists weathering, sunlight, ozone, mineral acids, oxygenated solvents (ketones and alcohols), water absorption, corona, and animal and vegetable oils. Resists flexing and its abrasion is outstanding.

Isobutylene Isoprene (IIR)

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