DX BAF nbr

Highly recommended for high temperature applications. BAF is a premium grade compressed sheet, manufactured with high temperature synthetic and graphite fibers and an NBR binder.

Recommended for use in sealing against water, steam, fuel, lubricant alkalis, and weak acids in service conditions up to 850°F.

Downloadable Technical Data Sheet
Duro: 60 Color: Black
Tensile: 2390 psi Thickness: Available 1/32"—1/16" 3/32" 1/8"
Temperature: 850°F Lenths Available: 60" x 60" and 60" x 120"
Featues: Synthetic Fiber and Graphite    
  Density (lb./cubic ft.) 105  
  Maximum Service Pressure 1450 PSI  
  Compressibility@5000 psi (%) 7-17%  


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